June 19th, 2005


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[stab] I'm not sure about these bloody tags at all. I'm that close to removing all of mine. I've removed fiction as you can only see the most recent 100 so it was rendered useless as I've already got over 80 fic posts. There are other bugs too; you can't go back more than 60 and often comments in filtered posts don't show when they are actually there.

So instead I've added a link to my fiction memories. I think memories are a lot more usable, for me anyway, until they fix the bugs.

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Filk: Vilakins and His Dayna

This is my second filk, written for b7_virtual_con. It's based on Villkins and His Dinah (yes, really), an old English song. It's worth looking at it for what must have been a radical notion back then that a young girl might have some right to choose a mate (or indeed not).

[Edit:] There's a different version here with words I like a bit better (though I based mine on the first version) and some background for the song. Thanks, reapermum.

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