June 13th, 2005


Claudication (Claudia by name and condition)

I just got Claudia back from the vet. She hasn't got an injury; she has joint problems. I was warned a couple of years ago that Burmese were prone to them esp if they jump off high places (as my two girls do) but Claudia seemed absolutely fine until Saturday. I have no idea what caused her to get so much worse so suddenly--the very cold damp weather? Jumping off an extra-high place? Anyway, she's on drugs for a couple of weeks then they're going to look at her again. I mentioned the green-lipped mussel pills the health shop sells (in animal and human doses) and the vet said they were good and definitely worth a try, so I'll buy some this week.

Anyway, to cheer myself up, here are some cat icons. Except for the tiger cub (which is one of those I got to play with on my birthday), all cats depicted are mine.

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