May 29th, 2005


House drinking game

I've only seen 10 eps of House so far, less than half of season 1, but there's a pattern. Don't get me wrong, I love it for its main character and his snark, and this week they did change things a bit by having a different outcome (and Greg guessed the disease halfway through) but you could guarantee yourself five drinks in this drinking game.

The House Drinking Game

Have a drink each time:

  • the patient seizes
  • the patient almost dies because they try the wrong treatment
  • the patient almost dies again because they try a different wrong treatment
  • House insults the patient
  • House insults his staff
  • House guesses what's really wrong because of an encounter with a clinic walk-in
  • House has a close moment with the member of staff he insulted most
I was sorry House got out of his clinic duty this week; I love his reactions to the random walk-ins.

Random stuff

Sigh. There's such a tiny window of opportunity for me to play RPG games with people overseas and I missed it today (I got distracted) so that's it for a week. Damn this round planet and the time-zone I live in.

But while I'm here, does anyone want any Gmail invites? I have heaps. I love its threading, virtual folders, and search facility, plus it's really useful for backing up files. And for Gmail users outside the US: you can now change your language under 'Settings'. At last the spell-checker uses UK English!