May 9th, 2005


Blake's 7 vs Farscape water-fight

kernezelda's post about water balloons and the impressive 'The Beast' launcher system reminded me of this, plus it's crossover week at b7friday.

A while back, before I was on LJ, astrogirl2 and I used to play on Nation States where we gave the Blake's 7 and Farscape crews planets of their own and ran them. Vila and I had the Rogue Nation of Vila Restal and Stark and Astro ran New Banik along with Zhaan (miraculously resurrected / found by Stark). We had a lot of fun using the comment feature to run an RPG. Sadly, we let it all die when we failed to make any government decisions for 30 days.

Anyway, Vila and the B7 lot (The Villains) challenged the Farscape crowd (I've forgotten their team-name) to a massive water-fight hosted by Zhaan, and Vila took photos. Sorry, I don't have his pictures, just his captions. :-)

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