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6th March 2005


  • 6th Mar, 2005 at 5:09 PM
B7 pusher

altariel's recent post asking for recommendations of five episodes to show someone who hasn't seen Blake's 7 reminded me that I've been wanting a B7 pusher icon. So now I have one: Krantor and his pataki cakes.

I also made a Largo one cos I watched 'Shadow' this week and remembered all over again why I like it so much. If anyone wants, take.

Largo pusher

Oh, and if anyone wants to know what my picks were, here they are:

  1. The Way Back - for an intro to Blake and the Federation and how far it will go.
  2. Shadow - for how far Blake will go (deal with the Terra Nostra, kill the moondiscs which enabled Cally to save the ship); also an excellent episode for Cally
  3. Killer - for the human side to the Federation (Bellfriar and Gambrill), some nice Avon-Vila interaction, and a chiller of an ending
  4. Gambit - for the sheer fun of it
  5. City at the Edge of the World - for an insight into what makes Vila tick, OTT Bayban, and a clever plot.

Three ficlets

  • 6th Mar, 2005 at 5:58 PM

The b7friday challenge a couple of weeks ago was to use one of the children's lines from their Blake's 7 games which I'd posted. I ended up writing three stories.

For the first, I used three of the kids' lines. 300 words.

Pulling RankCollapse )

Then, because I couldn't resist, I used a line of Vila's in a drabble.

Rising to the ChallengeCollapse )

But reapermum was disappointed no-one had used Gan's line about Blake and the dog, so I obliged. 200 words.

PhobiasCollapse )

Blakathon story: Exposé

  • 6th Mar, 2005 at 9:27 PM

Here's my Blakathon story. I wrote for mistraltoes who wanted:

  • Blake interacting primarily with somebody not Avon; Jenna or Vila would be nice
  • the story to relate to the episode Shadow
  • and have tomatoes
I hope there's enough Blake in it; there are indeed tomatoes. It's set shortly after 'Shadow' and is gen.


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