January 25th, 2005

semper ubi sub ubi

News and computer geekness in Latin

I knew Finnish radio did Latin broadcasts, but I didn't realise that they had a Latin news website too until communicator mentioned it. I wish my father (who taught me) were alive to see it; he was a classics scholar who used to chat to the local Greek community in classical Greek and taught me Latin in the school holidays. And I loved it; I've been left with an abiding interest in the Roman world. In fact, communicator, one of my unwritten novels concerns a world in which the Empire never fell.

The site has lots of interesting links for people more fluent in it than me, but I love the dictionary of Latin computer terms. Papae!


New and shiny SF!

I just heard that we're to get Battlestar Galactica, Carnivale, and Lost on TV here. I never saw the original Battlestar Galactica (except for an old TV film a friend made me watch at uni, memorable only for the line--as they were about to crash onto Earth--"Do you realise the gravity of the situation?" and a taxi driver who looked like Ronald Reagan) but I'm looking forward to it after all I've heard about it. I've also heard good things about Lost and Carnivale, but know nothing about them. I hope they treat them better than they did Farscape.

But yay!

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