October 22nd, 2004


Drabble: Life Drawings

This is for redstarrobot in the hopes it will make her smile.

Life Drawings

"Oh, very nice!" said Vila. "You've made me look quite handsome."

"You are, Vila." Cally smiled at him. "When you're not twisting your face into odd expressions. Like that one there."

Vila ducked his head to hide what he suspected might be his first blush in years. "You've drawn the others well too. Blake looks like he's about to rouse some rabble, Jenna looks tough and pretty all at once, and Gan's a big solid rock you can rely on. Not sure about Avon though."


"He's smiling."

"Ah, but Vila. Art is creative, not a slavish copy of life."


More good and bad things

Good: I have a two-week contract doing a data conversion.
Bad: It's in the city so I'll have to pay for parking after fighting peak traffic.

Good: It's income!
Bad: It starts Tuesday which means I don't get paid for Monday which is a holiday.

Good: It's a beautiful day so I decided to go out.
Bad: The market is closed for two weeks and Aotea Square is full of marquees for a lawyers' convention. A what? I fear the black hole of evil about to form at the city's heart.
Good: The organic coffee stall was the only one still there so at least I had good coffee and a brownie.