August 26th, 2004


Ficlet: Playtime

Here's my response to this week's b7friday topic of Buttons. 150 words, no spoilers.


Avon enjoyed night watch on the flight deck. It was quiet, peaceful, and pleasantly lacking in crew. He checked the sensors, then laid out his current project and his tools on the table. This was the time he got most work done.

But first...

He went to Vila's station and smiled at the label under the neutron blaster buttons; after all, Vila wasn't there to see his appreciation. Last week's 'Smite' had been good, but this one was better. "Routine weapons test," he noted in the log, then turned all communications off. He looked around quickly just to make sure he was still alone, then sat down.

"This is Avon the Merciless. Tremble before my power, Servalan." He slammed his finger down on the 'Hot Hail' button, laughing maniacally.

He cleared his throat, turned the comms back on, and then settled in for his watch as if nothing had happened.


New contract

My contract maintaining an electronic company's web site finished last Friday. I loved the work but I'm glad the commute--up to an hour each way--is over.

I was put up for a project management contract on Monday, but though they loved my CV and liked me (despite a harrowing interview with four people at once) and thought I'd fit in well, they decided I didn't know enough accounting. They are quite right. I have a mental block about money so I was relieved I didn't get it.

And even more so now because I just landed a database admin contract, much more my style. Yay! It starts on Monday so I can enjoy the rest of my week off and the rare winter sunshine we're getting--and start writing a story due in a couple of weeks.

I wish I could get as excited about the Farscape trailer as others. It looks amazing and the picture of Pilot and Crichton is just beautiful, but it's salt in a wound. It'll probably be years before we see it here--we haven't had season 4 yet. I feel lonely and envious.