July 8th, 2004


Signs of the times

This will interest spacefall, though they don't say it's vegan or even vegetarian.

I was reading about a profoundly deaf young woman, Hayley Jackson who is training as a chef, and it mentions her connection with the world's only (or so The Aucklander says) deaf-owned and -staffed cafe, Star Sign. Hayley says it's a great place to socialise with hearing and deaf people and she hopes it will create a better awareness of deaf culture. They cater mainly to hearing people who can place their order by writing it down, pointing to the item on the menu, testing the staff's lip-reading abilities, or using the basic sign language which is on display.

I think it's a great idea and it's probably free of the loud music that makes conversation impossible in some places; pity they didn't say anything about the food. I've already got a list of recommended places I haven't yet got to, including a kebab and salad place run by two women who use really unusual and inventive combinations.


Blake's 7 on the brain

I was just checking the Sky listings in an attempt to find out what happened to our live cricket against the West Indies (they were showing a previous game--was it rained out?) and I saw a program called "Debbie Travis's Facelift". Not one of your unisex names, Debbie--and it belongs more to the Tarrant family anyway--but I couldn't help wonder if it explained Travis's new look in season 2.

Oh, and I finally got to see the repeat of the last Morse episode which was very sad as I'd been warned. It also had T P McKenna as a sleaze harassing a young doctor. I couldn't help but see him as Sarkoff though. He'd hardly changed at all.