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15th February 2004

I couldn't resist...

  • 15th Feb, 2004 at 6:14 PM

...I had to play with the Valentine's Day Drabble-matic (even though I thought a drabble had to be 100 words long). This one's quite cool though, because if you press your browser 'back' button and play again with the same words, you get a different story, or, if the same one, the words are redistributed.

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Some decisions

  • 15th Feb, 2004 at 9:04 PM

I went to the Travel Show today, as they have good specials, and got myself wait-listed on a relatively cheap flight to the UK for Star One on Thai Airways. Not only is it a reasonable price (for halfway round the world) but if I join the 'Royal Orchid Plus' frequent flyer program they run, I get a free trip to Australia when I get back, plus nice little extras like being bumped to priority wait-listing, selection of window or aisle seats, and being able to choose my meal.

I can choose:
religious: kosher, Hindu or moslem
dietary: diabetic, low salt, or low-cholesterol
four kids of vegetarian: western, strict western (vegan?), Asian or Indian
or restrict myself to fruit or seafood; very odd.

And unless his work prevents it, Greg's coming too! We've got to think up something he can do while I'm at Star One which I wouldn't also want to do, but if all goes well, we'll have two weeks there. At this point it's hard to believe.

I've decided to save money in the short term and get my car fixed instead of replacing it. It needs a new aircon and if I'm not selling it, the roof repainted. It's been a very good car, and will be again when I'm no longer being cooked in it. I'd like to buy a newer one in the next two years though.

My contract finished on Friday (after two extensions) and though they said they might ask for me back sometime, I'm now hoping the agency will find me something else soon. I don't mind a bit of a break, but I do need to earn some more money soon.

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