December 22nd, 2003



I got a lovely present in the mail from Minnie! Aviation Security delayed delivery--because it tinkled I suppose--but it got here today and I squealed with delight when I opened it.

Two beautiful Blake's 7 key-rings! One with the B7 S1 to S3 logo on one side and the S4 one on the other, and one with a Vila on each side. Both are coincidentally pics I use for icons for his LJ:

Now I've really got Vila in my pocket...

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Another pressie!

Greg and I never know what to get each other, so I suggested he buy me a paid account for a year. So he has! Yes, it gives me more icons etc (yay!) but I was starting to feel guilty about using an LJ for free, esp with all those extra ones created for theatrical_muse, one of them Vila's.

So I've paid for Vila too, which eases my conscience and gives him a nice Festival of Light gift.

And here to celebrate is a lovely icon (care of the talented snowgrouse) of a present I'm going to open under the tree shortly. And no, Vila, that's not a comment on your height.

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Happy Holidays!

I think that covers everything: Hanukkah, solstice of either kind, Christmas, or just a break off work which we call a holiday here.

And to mark the occasion, I've made you all a Blake's 7 greeting card.

Thanks for being great friends.

[Edit] The card will only be kept on the site's server for about a week from today.

[Edit]And therefore I shall save it behind this cut:
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