December 18th, 2003


Return of the King

Just got back from RotK (and dinner at an Italian restaurant afterwards). It was wonderful, beautiful, spectacular, and in places (several high ones) very unnerving to a person scared of heights. Amazing, stunning sets and SFX. Minas Tirith was breathtaking as were the battles scenes. Huge seige engines, animals as big as Star Wars walking tanks, and trebuchets (Trebuchets! I love trebuchets!), Legolas and Gimli still keeping count, and everything and everyone the way I'd imagined them. No -- better!

Greg ruined one scene for me though. When Sam was fighting Shelob for his life he said, "It beats Brian the Spider," and I laughed. He was right though.

Oddly enough I was quite dry-eyed at the end. The bits that got me were earlier.