November 19th, 2003


Big Stan

I watched that Minder episode last night. David Jackson played Big Stan, a character who made Gan look like a graduate of Belhangria University. Stan got more lines than poor Gan though, plus a mouthful of hand. He was, like Gan (or the way I see him anyway) a rather sweet character, very loyal and staunch. I think he's in the next two episodes.

I'm enjoying watching old British programs on this new UKTV channel - Porridge in which Coser popped up as the prison doctor, Morse, and Dalziel and Pascoe. I hope they get round to showing two series I really loved years ago - A Most Peculiar Practice and The Beiderbecke Affair.
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Extreme self-indulgence

Just went down to the supermarket, and it's full of Christmas goodies (but thank goodness, no music yet--hope they hold off till December). Anyway I couldn't help it--I bought myself a small box of assorted Lindor planets, I mean balls. Yummmmmmm!

Re Christmas decorations, I do like the ones that apply to the season here. Reindeer in cool sunnies and Santa wearing a speedo on the beach spring to mind.
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