November 17th, 2003



I had an interview today with an agency that finds temp and contract work for the people on its books. As I haven't done that sort of thing before, I wasn't that certain of whether they'd want me (similar agencies hadn't been interested) but they said they could definitely find me something, and at a good hourly rate too.

I claimed Word, Excel, Photoshop, and FrontPage, but I actually rated myself modestly because I've never used them as a major part of my job before. I also put down PowerPoint as I figured it couldn't be hard to pick up. They tested me on Word, PowerPoint (oops), and typing and I came out as an advanced user on Word (91%, who'd've thought?) and an intermediate user on PowerPoint (75% which is pretty funny as I've never used it before!) and average typing speed (40 wpm, better than I thought). So now I'm down for desktop publishing jobs or anything creative.

I celebrated by buying two yummy veggie samosas from an Indian food stall on the way to my car.

I've got another interview tomorrow, for the office of a chain of cycle shops. I doubt their hourly rate will be anywhere like these people are offering, but no harm in looking.
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Trib copy

I was puzzled by the large envelope from an Aussie uni in the mail. It was Chronicles #69 -- my very first trib copy! Yay!
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Gan sighting!

I just saw a promo for 'Minder' on our new UKTV channel (which shows old classic British series--no B7 so far) and was sure I'd seen Gan biting someone's hand during a fight. So I googled and found David Jackson plays Big Stan in three eps of 'Minder'--starting tonight! I like what I've seen of 'Minder' so far so I shall be watching.

Greg said rather meanly that it looks as if Gan gets as many witty lines as he did in B7, with that mouthful of hand. Poor Gan.