November 14th, 2003


Job interviews and names

Like snowgrouse, I have a job interview on Monday. I'll have to sort out something suitable to wear. I was going wear my cream ethnic-style cotton jacket from Thailand (very cool, mandarin collar and unusual fastenings), but I read that conservative in dark colours is best. So it may be the blazer and striped shirt.

I also had a phone interview yesterday for a job doing some desk-top and web publishing plus admin for a real-estate agent company. They said they were considering me; I hope it's true. It would be funny if I got that job. The company's called LJ Hooker! I'm so used to seeing their signs around I think nothing of it, but the combination of name and initials--now I'm on live journal--suddenly struck me as very funny today.

Considering the fact I used to laugh at Neasden and ended up living there, it would serve me right!
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