November 11th, 2003


Testing 1 2 3

This is my first entry in my brand-new LJ, so this is mainly a test to see what it looks like.

I had all sorts of inventive ideas for a username based on my own name, various nicknames, or clever wordplays, but they were all taken. Even Spitfire, which I was called in primary school because of my love for WW2 fighter planes--took me ages to find out the other meaning. So I've taken the easy route and just used my yahoo ID, which is Vilakins, a pet name for my favourite Blake's 7 character, Vila Restal. And yes, my icon is him as well, the same cute pic of him I have on my fan-fiction site.

I've had fun setting up my site's theme, but I have yet to find out how to do links and add pics to the journal. Do you need to download a client for that, or is the web update adequate, I wonder?
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Hey, that looks cool! This gadget works!

So I'll tell you about the last event I went to, on Thursday. It was MacHomer, a one-man show by a very talented Canadian called Rick Miller. He did Macbeth as played by the Simpsons characters, aided only by a screen behind him showing cartoons or background scenes, plus his amazing talent for voice mimicry.

Main cast:
MacHomer - Homer ("Is this a dagger I see before me--no, it's pizza...mmmmm, pizza!" and "They've tied me to a stake! Mmmmm, steak!")
Lady MacHomer - Marge
Duncan - Mr Burns ("Eeeeexcellent!")
Malcolm - Smithers
Banquo - Flanders ("Bank-woe is me")
The Porter - Krusty the Clown
MacDuff - Barney (drinking Duff beer of course)

My only criticism is that it was very fast and condensed, and was only an hour long. I wanted more. Miller finished with singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" with 'the most annoying voices in music' (I was glad to see my top contenders, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello were right up there) then "We are the World" as various Simpsons characters.