Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Fun and games

I braved the cold and went to see Cars yesterday. To avoid kids. rustling cellophane, and having my seat kicked, we went to the Circle Lounge, which, as usual, delivered. In fact I had cappuccino and the best banoffi pie I've had in ages delivered to my leather lounger.

Cars was great: excellent animation and plot, and likeable characters. Yeah, you have to suspend your disbelief enough to buy an AU in which cars are the dominant lifeform on Earth (including a hippy VW combi van and a Vietnam vet jeep) but so what? I'm buying it on DVD when it comes out so I can enjoy it all over again and get all the visual gags I missed.

On the way home, I had to feed my car (though I couldn't find organic gas--at least in the sense they meant) at Mobil. However they entered me in a competition where the winner gets to drive Route 66. Very appropriate. I want to go to Radiator Springs and stay in the traffic cone motel.

There were trailers for Over the Hedge, another one I want to see. William Shatner voices one of the characters. :-) Denny Toon!

And today I had fun gaming. b7_rpg is up and running again with great Stark-induced mayhem. :-D

Tags: films
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