Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Satan Pit

I enjoyed The Satan Pit, though not quite as much as The Impossible Planet, but then I often think that the resolution doesn't match the build-up of mystery and anticipation. This happened a lot with Star Trek, and also with the whole Vorlon and Shadow thing in Babylon 5.

This is still the best story in this season so far however, genuinely creepy like The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. The station crew's characters were well-rounded and sympathetic so that I liked them and wanted them to live. The soldier's death was sad and brave, Ida was the curious scientist till what I thought was the end, Danny was lovely, and Zak became a real commander.

Toby had to be cast for his smile. [shiver]

Rose was magnificent. As I've said before, I like Rose when she isn't treating the universe and the people she meets as there for her entertainment. She was brave and resourceful, I loved how she rallied the crew and got rid of the beast, and I can understand her feelings for the Doctor. He's a powerful, ancient, and fascinating alien, and he's treating her as an equal.

However I don't understand his feelings for her. OK, he's the last of his people and his loneliness may have caused him to bond a little too obsessively to the first human he got since, but to make her the most important thing in the universe is just going too far.

Scientific nit-pick: the beast/Toby shouldn't have fallen faster into the black hole than the ship. [Edit:] OK, he would keep moving away from the ship at a small but constant speed. So I'm tired. It's 1am and I'm off to bed. :-P

But hey, another good ep with great music and SFX, and it wasn't on Earth. Keep it up!

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