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Toy picspam

And because I now have a camera again, here are some promised pictures of Athena the Owl, Darth Tater and Spud Trooper, my B7 pipecleaner crew being menaced by Daleks, and also yesterday's acquisitions.

Darth Tater and Spud Trooper
That's a vicious and cruel weapon the trooper has!

Athena the Owl with friend Grigina
I bought Athena last year along with Harry Potter:THBP. She has the most beautiful markings. Grigina, 'little grey one', is a cute and posable kitten I couldn't resist.

Daleks menace my B7 pipecleaner crew
Don't worry, they defeated the Daleks with creative panic, an all-too-open mind, severely bent plungers, a stiletto boot in the studs, an idealistic speech about freedom from oppression, and biting sarcasm respectively.
snowgrouse, please note Vila astride the Liberator as described a while back. :-)

Panacea with Dogmatix, Obelix, and Asterix

Julius Caesar, a legionary, and a shouty centurion

Roman soldiers -- either a civil war, or a bad case of insubordination.

Yeah, I'm never growing up. Why do you ask?

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