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Romans and Londoners

Yesterday I went to the British Festival in Takapuna to march with the Legio II Augusta, the legion I'm a re-enactor with (and also the one which invaded Britain, hence the connection). We marched round the stalls, down Hurstmere Road, up through the displays in the car park, shouting, "Hail Caesar!" and "Hail Britannia!", and being heckled back. I was rather pleased that though two of the guys got puffed and begged for a rest stop, I was fine in my 10kg of armour. I'm fitter than I thought! I broke one of my sandals though. :-( I should have worn my boots.

I got changed and cruised the stalls, looking at all the other nutters fun-lovers like me who had come dressed up in various ways (medieval, pearlies, Scots, Morris dancers etc). I was good: I only bought a yummy vege samosa and some figures from the medieval stall: Asterix characters and two beautiful Romans, all just the right size to interact with my B7 pipecleaner people in bizarre crossovers (see my next post for pics).

Since my stolen camera has at last been replaced (on Friday), picspam follows.

Some of the legion arriving at the venue. That's Rob the Roman, our consul, in the centre.

The pearly king and queen

The pearly queen's back
I asked her why Big Ben said 4 o'clock, and she said, "Because it's time for tea." :-D

The pearly king's back
It says, "London Pearlies" and "One never knows", which is the pearly motto.

A cute, friendly, and very British looking dog :-)

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