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Fanfiction questions and answers

I started writing this a few days ago. By now, it's gacked from several people.

What is your alias?
Vilakins when on LJ, my real name on my site. [shrug]

How did you choose it?
Vilakins? All variations on my name--and all my nicknames from primary school onwards, including Spitfire and Rommel--were taken, so I used my yahoo ID. I chose that because I love Vila and it's an affectionate pet name for him.

What fandoms do you write for?
Blake's 7, sometimes crossed with others. I've written one Farscape story.

What fics are you currently working on?
- A past multiverse orphan about Picard's and Blake's crews meeting
- A current multiverse fic I can't talk about until it's posted
- The big PGP (sadly pushed to the back burner)
I should be writing a Doctor Who / B7 crossover, but I haven't even started it yet.

What fandom did you start in?
Blake's 7. It's not my first fandom, just the one I was driven to write in when I saw it in 2001 and got depressed by season 4 and its ending, and wanted to fix it.

What is your deepest darkest fic-writing secret?
I don't think I have one, unless you count the saga I made up as a teenager, which owed far too much to Star Wars.

Do you have any quirks/habits in your writing?
I have to get up and pace around the room to think plot and dialogue through. I also write from the beginning of the story to the end, although scenes may appear in my mind in any order.

Do you have any fanfiction pet peeves?
- Bad grammar and spelling
- misuse of apostrophes
- said-phobia (I especially loathe 'opined' and 'intoned')
- name-phobia (IOW over-use of epithets like 'the blonde pilot')
- far too many good stories are trapped in zines

Do you have an OTP?
Sorry, but I'm one of the handful of female fans who aren't here for the pairings. For me, it's the characters, their friendships or enmities, and the occasional dollop of hard SF. I have however written Vila/Kerril, Vila/Soolin, and Vila/OCF, and Avon/Servalan.

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