Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Hardly a surprise...

On the Free Career Inventory Personality Test I came out as INTP.

I knew I'd get INTP, and most of the suggested professions--except lawyer--appeal or are ones I've actually dabbled in. I've scored higher on Imaginative in the past; once I got 95% to 5% realistic--one toe on the ground! I agree with spacefall that 'easygoing' isn't the best word though; I think 'flexible' is better.

Avon is usually rated INTP, but oddly enough I much prefer Vila; Avon's too cold for me. And though I've always seen Vila as quite intuitive because of his hunches, I answered it as him (vila_restal), and sure enough he came out as the ESFP everyone says he is. I have to say the career choices suit him even if 'thief' isn't one.

Tags: introversion
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