Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Impossible Planet

Wow. It's more an asteroid or a moon than a planet, but wow.

That episode was absolutely stunning. And it's a two-parter, the bastards so yay, we get twice the pleasure, though I can hardly wait for more. I stayed on the couch, but that was seriously creepy, especially the voice and Toby's red eyes and incredibly evil smile [shiver]. I don't always notice it, but in this case, the music was magnificent. I adore Bolero anyway, but I loved all of it, especially that at the end. Yay for a good sound system and finally having a big TV again. :-D

I thought Girl in the Fireplace was the best Ten ep so far, but this one may beat out The Empty Child. I do hope the second part is up to the same standard.

I may watch it again before next week.

Tags: doctor who
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