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Mostly good things

I was going to do a complaining post about how long it's taken the insurance company to replace the stolen TV and camera, but after Greg got on to them today, they admitted it was a bit slack. The TV is being delivered tomorrow. In the meantime we've been watching my small and ancient Phillips which I'd forgotten I even had, and which is strangely purple in one corner. :-(

The camera however they're still waiting to get from the supplier. Sigh. If they'd paid me the money, I could have bought one from Dick Smith the next day. At least they've paid out for our DVDs and game, though it was only $50 after subtracting the excess. I ordered replacements and also Red Dwarf season 8, yay!

I just got home and found out I got out of jury duty! [dances] My employer wrote a letter stating that they'd have to employ someone else to do my work while I was away and the replacement would barely have time to figure out what they were doing, so it would severely inconvenience them. The Justice Department said I'm exempted this time but may be forced to do it next time. I just hope that's years away.

As for my job, I'm finally pretty much up to speed and having fun improving the way things are done. When I applied, I claimed to know MS Publisher (hey, MS bloatware is amazingly easy to pick up) and now I'm the acknowledged expert there. Hee.

And it's a long weekend (due to NZ celebrating the Queen's birthday on a day that isn't), and the weather is actually good: cold, clear, calm, and sunny. I hope it stays that way.

Tags: real life
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