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Doctor Who: The Idiot's Lantern

I saw the latest Doctor Who ep last night.

First up, the good

I loved the 50s setting, and the Wire before she got boringly consumed by hunger: Maureen Lipman had the old BBC RSP down pat. She was authentic and very scary in the first half.

Tennant with a pompadour (ha!) and a moped!

I cheered the Doctor and Rose on as they put the abusive father in his place, even when Rose belaboured the point about the flags as she left.


Actually, I rather like Rose in general (as long as she and the Doctor aren't playing superior little games with the time-natives). She's brave, adaptable, adventurous, and often funny. I do however mind that she's being built up as the best companion ever, as the one special one. So far Billie Piper's surprisingly good acting has overcome this, and I have my own explanation anyway: the Doctor is now alone in the universe, the sole survivor of his race, and I can accept that he has a rather unbalanced connection with her.

Now the bad

The ending had me yelling at the screen. I'd cheered Rita when she threw her abusive husband out of the house, but that victory was unforgivably weakened by Rose's mealy-mouthed platitudes to Tommy about it not mattering if his father was an idiot; he was his father. It's the other way round: if the guy's a violent bastard, it doesn't matter if he's your father. Rose's obsession with her father is getting old and exasperating very fast.

I hope Tommy was carrying the brute's bag to the bus stop and not back home.

And, once again, I'm getting very tired of every episode being set on Earth (even the ones where they do get away) and almost every one of those in London. What, it's just the TARD now? OK, the last season did form an arc, but how about something different? How about some space travel, some exotic planets (it can't be hard with a little judicious CGI), and more imagination?

I do like Ten[nant], but I'm wondering how long the little boy having fun will hold up. I rather think I prefer Nine.

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