Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Plants

The last b7friday topic was plants. 200 words on a few.


"Why me?" Vila muttered to himself as he set the timer to a nice generous 15 minutes. "Because you're a Delta and you'll pass as a maintenance worker," he grumbled. "Bunch of Alpha snots." It was true though; the service grades working here had accepted him as one of their own. Friendly lot. They didn't deserve this, which was why he'd done a bit more hacking into the alarm system than was entirely warranted.

"Right. Time I was out of here." He made one last, small connection in the panel he'd left open on the wall and nodded with satisfaction as the evacuation siren was answered by the sound of a mass stampede. He hesitated, then grabbed a small pot plant from the top of a generator control panel before calling for teleport.

Avon frowned at him. "What did you bring that back for?"

"Perhaps he did not want it to be destroyed when the power station blows up." Cally smiled at Vila.

"Bit of that," said Vila, "but mainly it was so I could say I was a plant in a plant with a plant."

"Another pun like that," said Avon, eyes glinting, "and I'll plant one on you."

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