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Aussie pressies!

I got home to find both Good and Bad Things in my mail.

Good, in fact absolutely wonderful: A heavy and mysterious package from the incredibly lovely and generous kerravonsen turned out to be full of delicious Australian Daryll Lea chocolate, much of which contains ginger as well. Mmmm-mmm, too of my favourite flavours together! There were lots of those amazing ginger fudge bars I didn't think I'd find again after buying up Meadowbank Foodtown's entire stock a few months ago, a beautiful card showing gum trees at dawn, and even some koala dropping (aniseed flavoured, mind you). :-) Thank you so much, kerravonsen! I'm overwhelmed with your kindness, and it's just what I needed to cheer me up after the events of last week which had got me down a bit.

Bad, in fact rather scary: I've been called up for jury duty next month, for a trial that will last two weeks. Maybe I'll be rejected by counsel as I was last time, but I hope I can get out of it. I shall ask at work tomorrow; perhaps the fact that I've only just started there and they need me (please let them say they need me) will be enough for me to get an exemption. I don't think saying that I'm terrified of getting a torture or abuse case which will make me physically ill will work -- will it? There's a reason I don't watch the news or read newspapers other than the relatively upbeat local ones.

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