Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Oh, crap

Bad: Despite all the security company stickers, our house got broken into today, through a downstairs window. They also got out that way because they guessed that only the doors were alarmed.

Good: They didn't get much before the motion sensors detected them and the alarm went off.

Bad: They got the TV, the digital camera, and an Xbox game.

Good, sort of: The TV was new and can be replaced. As the camera model isn't made any more, we'll actually get a newer one, so I might not have to buy one after all.

Bad: I feel somewhat insecure.

We're going to get the security company to put sensors in the windows too so that if anyone opens one, they'll set the alarm off right away. The security people have a fast response and are there in minutes. The guy today was really disappointed he didn't catch the burglars; they have a pretty good record doing so too.

Poor little Claudia was hiding under the deck when Greg got there. :-( She's recovered now, but I'm not sure I have.

Tags: real life
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