Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Picspam: birthday weekend away

All of my pictures from my birthday weekend away are in an LJ gallery, but here's a selection.


On the way, we stopped at Drury for lunch.

Phoenix Italia, purveyor of Roman and Italian-style garden statuary

The gourmet Palazzo Roma restaurant attached, which uses their stock for furniture and decoration.

Vilagrad Wines centenary harvest festival

Local Latin band Kantuta performing. :-) Everyone has a website now.

Brazilian dance group Latin Fever.

Me with my last glass of the evening, a sticky dessert ice wine. Pie-faced -- well, it's the right shape for it anyway. :-P

The Vila Brothers band (well, two of them). Chef Kristian and wine-maker Jakob (who always wears a beanie); dark and handsome Adam is not in shot. :-(


Alpaca at Pirongia farmers' market

Spitfire (a real one!) in the Hamilton Memorial Park. On that stand, it looks just like the die-cast metal one I have. :-)

The MV Waipa Delta paddleboat we had our lunch cruise on. A sign of the times: their URL instead of their name.

Cruising the beautiful Waikato -- you can't tell you're in the middle of a city, can you?

The Delta Tavern in Ngaruawhia on the way home -- Vila would have been delighted with this whole trip!

Back home that night, Claudia hogging Greg's pillow and looking very smug about it. That smile is not a photo manip!

And now I'm going to have dinner and watch Dr Who. :-)

Tags: birthdays, claudia, deltaness, nz, outings, photos, vilagrad
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