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Greg was reading the Horizons Interviews zine I'd left lying about, and saw that Michael Keating (who made Vila the lovable thief he is) had played the court inventor in a Noggin the Nog stage play, The Firecake. Cue instant nostalgia.

Anyone remember the Noggin the Nog books and radio plays? The first site I googled was this one which even has a page about the play with a copy of the program with cast list and a few pictures. Click on Memorabilia, then The Stage Plays, then the picture. One photo shows Olaf the Lofty, court inventor, doing a Vila-like cower on the floor. Olaf in the books looks rather like John Cleese, but then so does Michael Keating with a moustache; I have a photo of him as a pirate (bought off eBay in a job-lot) which you'd swear was Cleese.

Another good site for Noggin aficionados is this one.

And, sad people perpetual kids that we are, we've ordered the Saga of Noggin the Nog from the library.

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