Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Birthday and weekend

Sorry if I haven't responded to everyone's birthday wishes and comments, but frelling Telecom upgraded our connection speed today, with no notice (the bastards were meant to do it before Easter) and with their usual technical expertise and competence have completely dorked our connection. So I'm at the library with a lot of schoolkids, using a PC designed for seniors with enormous letters on the keyboard and huge screen fonts.

[Edit]: I'm back. After six hours off-line when it should have been 30 minutes. The techs at Telecom really screwed up, but I'm just glad it's fixed now.

Anyway, we're going away this weekend for a birthday trip to Hamilton, where we're going to Vilagrad Wines' centenary harvest festival tomorrow night. They will have grape-trampling and exotic Brazilian dancers; Vila would so approve. ;-) And on Sunday, I've booked a lunch cruise on the steamboat Waipa Delta. Yes, a very Vila-y weekend!

But that's not all. The big present Greg planned will be delayed till later in the year because we've had a lot of expenses lately, but I will finally get to achieve one of my lifelong dreams: drive a tank - a Centurion, no less! :-D Is it a surprise that my high school nickname was Rommel? :-D

Tags: birthdays, deltaness, vilagrad
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