Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cards, cars, and cats


I got birthday cards (it's tomorrow) from kalypso_v and mistraltoes! kalypso_v's one is so deliciously chocolatey it makes my mouth water (no, you haven't sent that one before) and mistraltoes's one has a piglet who prefers accessorising to exercising -- how well they both know me! Thank you both for the lovely words therein. [hugs]

And now for some picspam, just four photos, and all less than 40KB.


My old car was sold yesterday. It was a good and faithful steed up till almost the end, and it was going so well in the last two weeks, I felt guilty. Perhaps it was an attempt to get me to relent, but it was too late. :-(

My old car, all clean and polished, just before I sold it. Sorry, old planet-hopper.

The new LIBR8R, all silvery and pointy.


I brought some washing in and put it over a chair before taking it upstairs. When I went to get it, Tessa had pulled most of it on the floor and borrowed into it. She was so cute, I didn't have the heart to move her.

When I looked later, Claudia was there too, saying, "Don't look at me, it was like this when I got here."

Tags: cats, claudia, photos, real life, tessa
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