Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Fool

Eep, I'm behind on cross-posting my b7friday stories. This was from two weeks ago, for the topic of fool, 150 words.


She had always been partial to brown eyes and his were kind and humorous, and he was probably the only person here she could describe as either. She'd picked him from the start as an ally, someone to trust despite his constant jokes; after all, everyone coped in their own way and it was a lot better than many methods of dealing with an uncertain future.

So why was she so fascinated by the new prisoner? All right, she had a soft spot for curls, and his were luxuriant. She hadn't been able to resist running her hand through them and tugging them, but that wasn't it. He had warm brown eyes too, this Blake, but alight with fire and idealism and a hunger for something that wasn't her. Jenna shook her head regretfully. The unassuming kindness Vila offered was much safer, but she'd always been a fool over men.

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