Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Assorted weirdness

My new (to me) car was ready so I went in on the bus to pick it up. Seen on the bus:

  • A young woman who looked disconcertingly like Aeryn Sun (except that she had brown hair)
  • A bald man in t-shirt and jeans who appeared to be tattooed all over his body--except for his ears
  • Far too many muffin tops. Mind you, one is too many. I wish people realised that tight low-riders do not suit all.
When I got the car, it had done exactly 69696 kms. That'll be easy to remember.

On the way home, I went to Beds R Us to look at mattresses, and was a bit taken aback to see Federation bedside units. Right next to Astro ones, haha. Sorry, they were plain wood, no mutoid black vinyl or Banik bedside lights.

And a good Easter, Pesach, autumn or spring break to you all!
Tags: weirdness
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