Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Shiny new[er] car

When I last had my 14-year-old car (an Integra ZXI I've had for about 10 years) serviced by Honda, they offered me a new Integra to test-drive. Then of course, they tried to sell me one. "I'm a Delta; I can't afford a new one!" I said, so they said that the guy who handles second-hand cars would ring me. He did, while I was on holiday, and today we went in to look at the car he had in.

It's a silver 2002 model, almost half the price of a new one, and yeah, I put a deposit on it today. I will have a new[er] LIBR8R! I'd have preferred bright red or blue, but as Greg said, "Well, silver's yer basic spaceship colour, innit?"

I'd better hope for a decent contract soon so I can pay it off. I did see a permanent job in the local paper that looks interesting however, so I'll apply for that. I haven't had much luck going for jobs lately, but if I can get past the over-qualified thing, it sounds fun and close to home.

Tags: real life
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