Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Detained

A bit of silliness for last week's b7friday topic of spring, 200 words not about the season.


Vila shivered; this low down, it was cold and damp and the walls glistened with moisture. Someone had said there was a spring underneath this part of the dome, but that didn't match the image he had of clear water bubbling out of a green meadow, all bright colours in a child's book. The place he was going didn't belong in a fairy tale. This was no gingerbread house, but then again, the children kept here weren't going to be cooked and eaten; there was that.

"Oh, um, hello," said Vila to the guard standing by the door. He put on his most innocent expression and quickly hid the box he was carrying behind his back.

"What've you got there, lad?"

"Nothing, really." Vila backed away.

"Give it here." The guard grabbed Vila's arm and wrenched the box off him. "What's this, then?" He opened it and the spring inside shot up, unleashing a barrage of sticky 'party worms' which adhered to the guard's face. He clawed at them as Vila slipped by and opened the door.

His three classmates looked up, startled. "It's Vila," said Linzi. "What are you here for?"

Vila grinned. "Come to spring you from detention."

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