Nico (vilakins) wrote,

New LJ features

LJ have just announced some excellent new features:

The userpic factory allows you to upload a JPG photo of any size, and easily crop and resize it to create a 100x100 pixel userpic, useful for those who don't have access to imaging software though I won't be using it.

The navigation strip is a feature you can turn on or off for every LJ you view, and for anyone vesting your LJ (or community). It puts a strip across the top with useful links: go have a look at my journal to see an example of your navigation bar. What's particularly cool is access to any friends filters you yourself have set up. Click on 'View my friends page' (i.e. your friends) and you'll see a drop-down list of any filters you've set up, plus journals only, communities only, syndicated feeds only. I bookmarked mine ages ago for easy access, but this is great; I can go straight to many of my favourite LJ functions.

And they've fixed memories. I thought they were working a lot better. :-)

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