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Character meme answers, part 2

OK, here's the second lot of secret character meme answers..

kerravonsen asked:

Jenna Stannis, Data, and Vila Restal are running against each other in an election. What would be the position they were running for, how would the campaign go, and who would win?

Going by Jenna and Vila's interests, finance minister in the new Federation under President Blake. Data would of course be the logical and best choice, but there would too little charisma and far too much financial theory in his election speeches, so he'd come last. Vila would charm the voters who would turn out in droves to see him in entertaining top form, but Jenna would win as I doubt even the average voter would put a thief in that position. Besides, she'd be the one with Blake's official backing as he'd suspect Avon might hack Data if he got in, and he knows how lazy, irresponsible, and larcenous Vila is.

You are magically transported into the universe of Vila Restal or Londo Mollari. You are going to die. You will either die saving the life of the character, or the character will kill you (deliberately or accidentally). Which death do you chose, and which character?

If it's either or, I'd choose to go to Vila's universe and die saving him, because he deserved better than he got, and he might not be able to live with killing someone, even accidentally, especially someone who liked him. If it's "choose which of the two characters I'll save and which I'll be killed by", then I'll save Vila and be killed by Londo. I'd rather save them both, but Londo has enough on his conscience already for my death not to make much difference.

Which character out of Starbuck (Kara Thrace), Stark, Jean-Luc Picard, and Vir Cotto would you pick to star in a spin-off series, and what would it be about?

Stark! The travels of an itinerant Stykera in search of his blue-skinned vegetable love. :-D

kerr_avon AKA entropy_house asked:

Kerr Avon slips Roj Blake, G'Kar, and Stark an aphrodisiac as a joke. What happens?

  • Blake's revolutionary fervour is heightened and he paces the flight deck, declaiming and waving his hugely-sleeved arms about until Avon takes refuge in his cabin to escape the purple rhetoric.
  • G'Kar propositions every non-Narn female he encounters in the next 8 hours and succeeds with a surprising number of them. Jenna and Cally are not among them; Jenna informs him that she has a thing for curls, something in which he is sadly lacking, and Cally says that he isn't a telepath and this is necessary in an Auron's partner.
  • Stark's behaviour doesn't seem to change much at all, except that a lot of the plants in the hydroponics section now show teeth marks.
Trying to apologize to Londo Mollari for some social error, Chiana buys Londo a totally inappropriate present. What is it and how does Londo respond?

Because she embarrassed His Imperial Majesty by mussing up his crest in front of most of the Centauri Prime cabinet and kissing his nose, Chiana buys him a purple t-shirt saying "Emperors don't die, they just decline and fall".

Garak suddenly develops the ability to make wishes come true for other people, but they can't tell Garak what they want. What does Garak *think* are the wishes of G'Kar, Jenna Stannis, Jean-Luc Picard, and Cally, and how do they react to what Garak wishes for them?
  • G'Kar he considers a fine reptilian figure of a man but sadly lacking in Cardassian neck-ridges, so he rectifies that. G'Kar seeks medical advice and counselling, assuming that his anger at the Centauri invasion of the Narn homeworld has given him dangerously high blood pressure.
  • He makes Blake fall in love with Jenna, but Jenna is appalled that Blake has been forced to feel something against his will, esp in light of his past, and demands that Garak change him back.
  • Because he hears Picard say, "Make it so," Garak assumes he's a fellow tailor and gets him an antique sewing machine. Picard discovers it doesn't serve Earl Grey tea, hot or cold, and gives it to Data for parts.
  • He gives the whole Liberator crew telepathy so that Cally won't feel alone any more, but the crew have no practice in shielding their thoughts or respecting others' privacy and there is chaos. Avon curls up in the foetal position in a lead-lined part of the engine room, no one can stop Vila babbling inside their heads about anything and everything, Jenna beams suggestive negligee-clad images to Blake (the others get the edges of this, esp Vila), and Blake tries to beam revolutionary thoughts at everyone. Cally takes a lifepod and leaves.
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