Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Small (and wet) world

We went over to Russell again on the ferry today. On the way, we met a lovely retired Welsh couple, and ran into them again in a crowded cafe on the waterfront, so we shared a table. They said they came from near Cardiff, so we told them about our visit to Wales in 2004 when we stayed with linda_joyce -- and it turned out that they not only know Chapel of Ease, they live in Caerleon; they only said 'near Cardiff' because they didn't think anyone would know it. Anyway, Helen and Ray are frequent visitors to the Newport libraries and have a nephew called Alex who works there. Do you know him, Linda?

We've had a week of wonderful weather, but now it's raining. :-( Tomorrow we'll go to the weekly Farmers' Market in Keri Keri (good local food), then I plan to paint some ceramics at a cafe there as gifts for family. They're always saying I should do more art, so I will. Serve 'em right.

[finishes glass of Vilagrad dessert wine] And now I think I'll read in bed to the sound of rain on the roof.

Tags: holiday
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