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For news of exploding whales, my car the LIBR8R, my plans for Star One, the latest about my work, and the airshow I went to last weekend:

Exploding whale

This is a couple of days old now, but too bad. Literally. Everyone's heard of the famous exploding whale, that ill-thought-out attempt to dispose of the remains of one--well, here's one that spontaneously blew up on a Taiwan city street. Horribly funny, but eeeuw!


That's the number-plate of my car--sad, isn't it? Said car is 12 years old and a couple of weeks ago the aircon died. It's midsummer here and the thing's a Honda Integra, sporty model with lots of slanted glass. Even driving with the windows down doesn't help--it's still hot, and very dirty. noisy, and smelly as I work in an industrial area and have to drive through streets packed with huge trucks. The aircon will cost NZ$1600 to fix, and Greg said I might as well buy a newer car. However we've found that it's not that easy to find something with all the features I want (hatchback so I can load it with large objects, automatic because I'm lazy that way, aircon, ABS brakes, guts, and style). Also Integras seem to keep their value, so I may end up biting the bullet and getting the aircon fixed.

If I do, I'll have to get the roof painted too, as the paint there is being eaten away. Nominative determinism--it looks like Avon drove it through an enzyme cloud. My brother, who used to paint cars, says the top protective coat went on either too early or too late and never bonded properly; the rest's OK. All the same, more expense whether I repair or buy.

Star One

Greg says I should go anyway, never mind about the car. If I get a deal he's heard about, I can fly Singapore Airlines for $2000 and get a 7-day rental car thrown in. This would be cool. I want to see things like the Falkirk Wheel, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, and Portmeirion, and I suppose I can stay in B&Bs.


My contract at the telephonics place ran out last week, and I wasn't sorry as it's not a happy place. Also, Mook, the office cat, has gone to a new home after management got miffed about staff looking for him one day when he disappeared. One of the guys there took him, along with some toys I gave him which my cats didn't play with. Anyway, I've been asked to work four more days next week; after that I'm up for grabs again. I won't mind a few days off but I hope I get another contract soon.


I went to the Ardmore Airshow last weekend. This was an excellent day with a terrific selection of aircraft (I love planes), and the bonus of wine from Karaka Vineyards, and food provided by one of our favourite restaurants, Palazzo Roma. I saw some wonderful planes, old and new, and the grand finale was the Airfield Attack.

This was spectacular and I'd run out of camera memory, dammit! Most of the planes attacked the airfield, coming in for mock bombing and strafing runs, while the announcer in the control tower called, "Scramble, scramble!" and the few left on the ground took off to join the melee. They even set off some sort of petrol-based explosions on the tarmac, huge roiling black clouds lit with flame. Several planes used smoke-trails to imitate being hit. It was wonderful.

On the way out I bought a 1:48 model of a Spitfire, my all-time favourite.

Yeah, I'm a geek.

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