Nico (vilakins) wrote,

From the isolated north

It is incredibly hard to get an internet connection here because of bad lines, so if I seem to be ignoring any posts or comments, it's because I just can't get on-line. [suffers withdrawal]

The weather is hot, sunny, and humid, there's a loud family next door with young kids and a mother who seems to be on her deck rabbitting on her mobile all day, or at least when I want to read on ours [stab] but I've met the resort cat, Tigger. He's a very friendly soul who ran to meet us yesterday morning and accompanied us from our chalet down the bush paths and played with us. The official literature says we can cuddle him but not feed him; we can let him inside but we are warned that he will sit in front of the fridge and one must resist. :-)

So far we've just taken it easy (walks, nice meals out by the sea, reading, playing Rummikub, visiting craft places), so nothing interesting to report, sorry. There's lots to do depending on the weather and our inclination though, esp now my knee and ribs have almost stopped hurting. We may even get a trip on a [steamboat called] Firefly. :-)

Greg found a book in the resort library, Tunnel Vision by Keith Lowe, about a guy who takes a bet that he can visit every London Underground station in one day. I recommend it to all the Underground geeks on my flist. :-)

Tags: holiday
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