Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Paihia on St Patrick's Day

Well, we're up here in Paihia and it's very hot and humid and I'm tired after the three-hour drive and just want to curl up with a book. Typically, I forgot to pack some vital things so I have to go shopping tomorrow when I really wanted to just take it easy. Bah. That'll teach me to be more organised. [headdesk]

We stopped in Whangarei for lunch and I bought three prints by Diane Vessey, an Auckland artist whose originals I bought a few of when she was unknown and selling in craft markets. They can replace the faded Hundertwassers in the hall.

And hey, it's St Patrick's Day and they were flying an Irish flag on the Harbour Bridge. :-) And in case anyone's wondering, I did that Irish test that's going around and I'm not even a wee bit Irish.

Tags: holiday
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