Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlets: 'Glints' and 'Something In Common'

For last week's b7friday, two title and dialogue requests, both set in early season 1, and in the same place.

Characters: Avon and Travis
Title: Glints
Dialogue: "If you squint your eye just right, it looks like a diamond."
Word count: 300


Avon looked around the bar for a likely buyer. Ah, yes. The fellow in the eye patch sported a ring of outstanding size and bad taste; he would do. He pulled up a stool next to him. "May I buy you a drink?"

One eye stared at him balefully. "Yeah. Why not. A vitazade and make it a big one."

"A man of taste," said Avon, not specifying its quality. "My name's Chevron." He raised his eyebrows at the man.


Avon beckoned the barman over. "A vitazade and a Lindor brandy, if you will."

"Ponce," Travis muttered under his breath.

Avon ignored it and lifted his glass. "To you and the good people of Zircaster." This hole wasn't worth bolting to, but it would do as practice for converting the Liberator's treasure into ready cash while Blake rabbitted tediously on to the idiot rebel he was meeting here. "Nice ring."

Travis grunted non-committally and downed half his glass.

"I'm in the gem business. What do you think of these?" Avon put a handful of stones on the counter.

Travis barely looked at them. "It's a weapon, berk."

"Ah. A man of discernment as well as taste." Avon swept the gems into his left-hand pocket and delved into the right one. "I do carry a line of weapons-grade crystals." He spread a selection out. "How do you like that one there?"

"It's pink."

"How about the green?"


"This clear one is my best: extraordinary clarity and strength." Avon held it up to the light. "If you squint your eye just right, it looks like a diamond."

"You bastard." Travis stood up. "I've had it up to here with remarks like that." He drained his glass and stomped out.

Avon put the crystals away. What the hell did I say?

Characters: Vila, Avon
Title: Something In Common
Dialogue: "I like the challenge."
Word count: 200

This is a direct sequel of the first one, and it at last fulfils a request kerravonsen made about two years ago.

Something In Common

"Doesn't look like you had much luck."

Avon glared at Vila. "What are you doing here?"

"Same as you." Vila opened his loose and appallingly badly-cut jerkin to display a row of glittering necklaces. "I've flogged a few of 'em off, too."

"Really." Avon affected disinterest.

"The trick is to imply that they're stolen."

"They are."

"That's not the point. Gives the punters a bit of a thrill and they know they're getting a bargain."


"Come on, I'll buy you a drink and a meal." Vila pulled an impressive wad of credits from a pocket and peeled off a few notes. "Three courses with wine?"

"You made all that selling those?"

"Nah, I went to a bank on the way here." Vila gave him a grotesque wink.

"If you're that good, what on earth are you doing trying to sell jewellery?"

"Nice way of meeting people, isn't it?" Vila nodded towards a barmaid who smiled at him and twirled her necklace. "Besides, I like the challenge."

Avon looked at him thoughtfully. He was obviously cleverer than he looked; not that that would be hard. Perhaps life on the Liberator would be more interesting than it first appeared.

"Lead on."
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