Nico (vilakins) wrote,

General update

Excellent: We're going on holiday this Friday, the first one since Star One 2004, to the Bay of Islands for two weeks. Yay!

Bad: On Sunday we went into the city to see a play and I tripped over, I suspect, my own klutzy feet, and skinned my knees and hands like a little kid. :-P This was OK. Greg's handkerchief tied round my right knee, the worst bit, stopped me bleeding all over my trousers during the play, but it turns out I also bruised my ribs. I didn't feel it till we got up to go. It's not that bad when I'm not doing much, but it hurts when I breathe hard and the only comfortable position in bed is on my back. I just bought some arnica drops so I hope it'll be better by the time I have to drive north for three hours.

Not so bad: It doesn't hurt when I'm driving. Just getting in and out of the car.

Good: I've almost finished my Mills & Boon ficathon story. It was easy writing the comic scenes and the slightly parodied stuff (her tawny eyes and raven's wing hair etc which I suspect isn't bad enough to be parody in this genre) but I've hit the last scene and discovered how hard it is to write a love scene. I'll try to knock it off today so I can get it beta-read and not worry about it while I'm away.

Very good: Greg's brought an old laptop home from the office and so I can get my LJ fix and maybe even finish my Multific orphan (Picard/B7) if I get tired of reading (six library books including two Bujolds, a Julian May, a Didius Falco adventure) and swimming and walking and making day trips around the area (possibly including tiger cubs) and just generally having fun.

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