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Hamilton Gardens and Vilagrad Wines

Yesterday we went to Hamilton for the day. We met my friend Tanya for lunch at a riverside pub, then walked along the river to the Hamilton Gardens. These are absolutely beautiful and they have six international gardens there, including the new Indian one which opened last year. We visited all of them and next time I'll plan to spend more time there. All my photos are in an LJ gallery, but here are some favourites which aren't like the ones on the official website.

Hamilton Gardens

The Italian Renaissance Garden

Courtyard in the Chinese Scholars' Garden

Pool and bridge in the Chinese Scholars' Garden (with Greg on the bridge)

The Japanese Garden of Contemplation

The pool in the Japanese garden

Vilagrad Wines

Then we went to Vilagrad Wines for dinner and a show. We got there about an hour early so we wandered around in the sun, sampled some wine, bought four bottles of it for our holiday up north later this month, and relaxed inside with more wine. I was very impressed. The grounds are beautiful, the wine excellent (it was deservedly won awards), and the food delicious. Inside, you eat under a translucent roof and vines, all intertwined with fairy lights. :-)

Me having a chardonnay-traminer outside. Hee--I so want a Vilagrad director's chair! I look a bit weird and squinty because I was blinded by the sun.

Inside, under the vines, waiting for the other punters to show up. Greg took this one while I wasn't noticing. :-P

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