Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Drabbles: Three stories of misfortune

For the previous b7friday challenge, minion fic using generated SF characters from the Seventh Sanctum quick character generator, three drabbles.


It is surprising what will survive a spaceship crash. When the Nova Queen's neutron drive took out half of Keldon City, debris was spread over a large area. Days later and half a continent away, the lighter pieces were still floating down.

Fruma Battin found a charred piece of plastisheet in her lemon tree, still legible. When she ignored the many crossings out, she deciphered a draft for a personals ad.

Mature starship engineer (f) seeks man of similar age with view to companionship during shore leave, perhaps leading to more. Likes opera, nature, and nights in by the fire.
(The mature starship engineer needing a friend.)


"Cheer up, mate," said Vila. "Don't mind Avon and the others. They're just bigoted."

"Bigoted, sir?"

"Yeah, they don't think computers are people. Speciesist, that is."

"Speciesist?" said Slave. "But I am a construct, sir."

"Well, you know what I mean."

Slave whirred thoughtfully. "What's wrong with speciesism, sir? I hate Andromedans."

"Why? Well, apart from them being evil blobs of green jelly."

"Dorian absorbed a few after the war. They don't use binary because they have three eyes and pseudopods, so he converted me to trinary and I've never been the same since," Slave said gloomily. "I hate Andromedans."

(The melancholy artificial AI who hates a particular alien species.)


At the last minute, Andor Kiriakos decided he couldn't board the Space Princess. The only way he could cope with patients so drugged they couldn't focus or probably even remember their expensive holiday was to drink himself into a similar state. It didn't matter much. The worst he had to deal with was bruises from falling, dyspepsia from overeating, and high levels of stress among the crew.

A while later he saw that straight-laced fellow Eric Slaten heading past the bar for the shuttle. Must be his replacement. Kiriakos downed another whisky. Poor bugger. Be interesting to see how long he lasts.

(The peaceful medical officer with a chemical dependency.)
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