Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The 'lost lyrics' of Blake's 7

By popular request from a Blake's 7 mailing list, here are the 'lost lyrics' to the B7 theme.

To quote the Marvel Winter Special:

Early during the production of Season D*, incoming producer Vere Lorimer decided to arrange a recorded version of the Blake's 7 theme. He personally wrote some accompanying lyrics to complement Dudley Simpson's original score and made plans to have Steven Pacey sing them. Unfortunately**, his plans did not see fruition. Here, printed in its entirety, is Distant Star, the Blake's 7 theme that never was...

Distant Star

There's a distant star
in a distant sky
past the edge of time
way past Gemini.
Peace is there,
only beauty meets the eye.
Oh my love,
that's where we must fly,
and let the world go by,
Just you and I.

Come, hit the Stardust Trail,
we'll throw our cap at Mars;
we'll catch a comet's tail,
and we'll sail
to the stars!

Though the years go by
like a silver stream,
if our love is true,
we will find our dream.
Travellin' on,
suddenly that's where we are;
That distant star,
that distant star,
that shining distant star!
* Season 4
** Unfortunately? We should, as my mother would say, thank our lucky stars.
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