Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Big Name Fan

In her post about the circular nature of fandom kerfuffles,veritykindle mentioned this article from 1954 about the conflict between BNFs (big name fans) and 'neofen'. I was amazed. I only learned the meaning of 'BNF' last year, and here's this ancient article about them, fen, fanzines, fandom--and even egoboo! I even wondered if it was faked, but veritykindle said that someone on another thread remembers that the author was well-known (a BNF in fact) back then.

The 'neofen' are now called 'newbies' but I'm still stunned. I know that Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Arthur Conan Doyle had large numbers of fans, some of whom even wrote fanfic (hell, Homer doubtless had them too), but I didn't know the terminology predated Star Trek: The Original Series which was when I'd thought Fandom As We Know It had started.

I suppose these 'fen' were fans (fanatical enthusiasts) of SF magazines like the ones I bought recently, rather than a particular TV or book series as we tend to be now. But still: 52 years ago!

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