Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Summer wine

I have just got back from one of those days out that have to go into the Good Memories box.

We went to the Kumeu Wine and Food festival and had a wonderful day in the sun with two excellent bands, lots of good wine from 12 wineries, and some very nice people. All the tables and chairs under the marquees were taken so we went to sit under a large tree, and some people there promptly offered us a rug. We spent several hours with them--it turned out we knew someone in common--and we had a great time chatting and telling each other about bizarre experiences (like the guy with the nipple ring who got it caught on a door in the office and was dancing about yelping to everyone else's puzzlement, ouch!)

Though they only had a few food stalls, one of them was Thai (great green curry and Pad Thai) and another was run by Fatima, a gourmet kebab place in Ponsonby I've been wanting to try. Their falafel in pita was to die for, the best I've had since Israel (and I pride myself on being a falafel connoisseuse). Wines: I had pinot gris, rosé (half of which got knocked over me, gewürztraminer, and a wonderful fusion sparking muscat (which I'm sure I bought from that winery last year; must unearth it). Kerr Farm was one of the wineries, but no, I didn't have any of theirs despite the name; I didn't fancy the four they were offering. We finished with Ice Wine (a yummy sticky dessert one) with hand-made chocolates. Mmm-mmm!

On the way out I checked out the craft stalls and Greg bought me an stunning skeletal copper fish on a torque choker and I bought a Thai silk scarf in pale gold and grey.

Lovely day out. It felt like a one-day holiday.

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