Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Delegation

For last week's b7friday challenge 'my computer hates me', 232 words set in season 4.


"I don't believe this." Shay gave her terminal a thump. "Silber wants that stupid report today and it's only five percent through."

Rajiv typed in a command on his own keyboard, then looked at her. "The fleet requisition one? It doesn't usually take that long."

"I know." Shay looked at her watch. "And I'm supposed to be meeting someone at the pub after work."

"I can stay and print it off for you if you like."

"Nah. I'd just get another black mark." Shay slumped in her chair. As it was, turning the damned thing in late was going to get her another lecture as if she was a naughty schoolchild.

"Someone must be running something big," said Rajiv.

"Yeah." Shay looked around carefully, then quickly typed in a command string that operators like her weren't supposed to know. It was one she had memorised along with a few others when the comp techs had to fix something from her terminal. A list of current processes scrolled down her screen. "Something big, all right," she said. "It's taking 90 percent of memory."

"Oh?" Rajiv came over to look.

"Tracing of possibilities through infinity'," Shay screwed up her face. "What the hell's that?"

Rajiv checked the user name. "And who's Orac?"

"Dunno." Shay sighed. "Doesn't help me, does it? I'll be here till seven at this rate. I swear, this computer hates me."

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